Sunday, February 15, 2009


My friend Mike McKinlay makes me super mad. He's always filming something cool, he's got a great eye, he's an amazing skateboarder (he just kicked ass at an Anti-Social skate competition and won a trip to Hawaii), and has incredible shoes. Here's a photo I took of the guy in a full-pipe in Drain, Oregon.

One day Mike and I went out for lunch and he said to me "I'm thinking of filming a dark gothic nature show on crows. About a month later he's filming crows and a few months later he's done and he's got this incredible documentary. Last week Mike spent two days out at Boundary Bay filming Dunlin Birds. There's only a small window of opportunity where the numbers of dunlin birds amass to the point of ridiculousness and Mike got a hot tip on when these days were so he went and spent two days filming the birds. What you're about to see is absolutely astonishing. It's mesmorizing, captivating, magical and almost unreal. It gets to a point where you think it's some kind of CGI particle effect! I wish you could see it at full resolution! Mike and birds make a great team.

Below, Mike takes flight on the Boom Boom Huck Jam half-pipe in Tony Hawk's garage.


John said...

I hate birds. I mean hawks and eagles and falcons are cool, but the rest of them suck. Chirping and squawking and that cooing bullshit. They've been known to shit on my truck too, like right after I've washed it. You ever hear one of those 'Cheesebuger' birds going at it? "Cheese-Boigey. Cheese-Boigey." all goddamn day. I have been known to chuck stuff at birds and shoot at them with my paintball gun. A friend told me that you're not allowed to kill crows because they are a "song-bird". Nice song. I'd rather listen to The Dears who also suck. I think I would like to see a documentary on Mike McKinlays awesome shoes.

CAMacKinnon said...

Holy-Jesus-wrapped-in-bacon-Christ that was cool.

Bet by the end that eagle was thinking, "Thank heavens, they're gone!"

BEADLE said...

Mike's video is amazing. We've done a lot of birdwatching at Boundary Bay over the years, but we've never been lucky enough to see anything like that.

your pal,


That was pretty damn cool, good job 180 stalefish!