Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Update: Scott F., (whose brother is a magician) just wrote: "This'll cheer ya! My brother went to see "Believe" and said that it was unbelievably bad. People booed and they had to set up a separate room for folks who wanted their money back. Apparently Angel felt that being a douchebag to the audience wasn't just funny, it was his right."

I don't know what Criss Angel's like in real person, but I can't stand his Mind Freak show. Sometime's I'm captivated and held hostage to the show because it's like a train-wreck. The bullshit camera edits and actors all going "What?!?! Where'd he go?! How'd he do that?!" makes me just vomit all over myself. I usually rewind the trick back to show my 8-year old how the trick was done and most of his stuff is just camera trickery. I'm sure he can do card-tricks and rope-tricks and typical street-magician shit, but digitally removing cables and playing with the camera isn't magic. Take this bullshit for example. This is BRILLIANT!

Look at where the white scratches in the pavement are when he crawls out of the sewer. Then when he goes back to roll it up, you can see them lower in frame which means the camera's just cropped the man-hole out of the shot and someone off-camera placed the poster down. He should have just gone back into the sewer where he came from and belongs.

On a recent episode I saw him doing some magic in front of his Vegas show "Believe" and they had a poster for the show in the background. This poster in fact:

Is it me? Or has he just magically transformed himself into a boner? Here is an illustration I found that is quite magical.


Honkbarn said...

What a dick!!!

rich johnson said...

He makes your food go from your stomach to your shirt and he doesn't even know you. that's amazing magic right there. that guy is the biggest douche. holly crap.

Ferraro said...

Are Chris Angel and Chris Gaines the same person?