Monday, September 28, 2009


I don't know about you but I am soooo stoked to host one of these Windows 7 parties!! I have no idea what any of the activities are yet, but I am willing to bet they're a scream! Check this video out because these 4 animals really get my party-soul moving! THESE GUYS ARE A HOOT!

After watching this, I was even more excited because I have no idea what to expect!? This could just be one of the greatest parties I've not only hosted, but ever attended.

UPDATE: I'm a little pissed off actually because while watching this video for the 4rd or 5nd time, I noticed that the clock behind them skips about in time. The video is only 6 minutes but the clock on the microwave behind them seems to span over an hour through-out!? WTF!?! I honestly thought these 4 WACKY folks were improvising and telling me their experiences "on-the-fly", but it seems as though it may have been scripted, and maybe they did a few takes each time? If anyone has any inside scoop on this, it would really help me sleep at night. Are they really friends or just actors!? Either way, they really should start a sit-com together because they're really good together and I found myself in stitches!


Johnny Darrell said...
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Kevin said...

This looks like the worst swingers party ever.

rich johnson said...

hands on activities sounds sexy for sure. lots of sexual tension here.

Granny said "bonus activities are available, and the deeper you go into it the better it is"