Thursday, September 24, 2009


The live-action script adaptation of the amazing book "Monkey Beach" that Andrew Duncan and myself have been writing is finally seeing the light at the end of a fairly-long tunnel.

The novel is incredible and rich and it's been an honour to have the opportunity to adapt it. I don't believe author Eden Robinson has had an opportunity to read it yet, but I do hope she enjoys it and that we've done her awesome book justice. She herself tried to take a stab at writing the screenplay but gave up because she didn't know how to do it. To be honest, it wasn't easy choosing what stays and what goes as there's so much beautiful material crammed in its mere 388 pages that a 12-part mini-series could be made.

The script has just been pitched to a number of studios and it seems that there's a bit of a buzz! One biggish announcement that Andrew and I just heard was that the casting directors from Twilight and its sequel read the script and have attached themselves to it! There's a little website set up too that just went on-line.


rich johnson said...

Congrats buddy. This is awesome! Cool news about Stuart Aikins! He's going to be fun to work with for sure. The dude is a machine.

nate said...

wow, this is very exciting! congrats man!!