Wednesday, September 02, 2009


This is the reason why I need to travel the world. To take pictures of these awesome hand-made, one-of-a-kind movie posters. There's got to be a place where a fella like me can purchase these and sell them to you for millions of dollars.

The movie itself, due to the fashion, hair-do's,
music and direction is even more terrifying
than the poster art.

The "heart-shaped 'O'" in T2 subtly reminds
me that there's romance in this movie.

James' face is spot-on as it looks exactly like Roger Moore.
Though it's been a while since I've
seen this flick, I don't
remember the fish playing an integral part of the flick.

When I think of frightening dogs, I think of poodles,
golden retrievers, black labs and cockerspaniels. People
own these types of canines are living with time-bombs with fangs.

This movie is about a preacher who lost his bible
while traveling as a missionary. Seeing as it's god's
work, he decides that it's okay to take a Gideon's bible
from the side-table of his hotel room. Unfortunately,
the bible turns out to be cursed by a witch-doctor and
the missionary turns into a snaked-mouthed skeleton
who needs brains in order to live. Why a skeleton needs
to live is a mystery, but hey, that's what the movie's about.

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