Friday, February 05, 2010


Here's an awesome teaser for the yet-to-be produced animated zombie flick A.D. From what I understand, there's no movie currently, but the film makers are hoping to generate a buzz with this teaser.

It was directed by Ben Hibon (director of the awesome Codehunters short). Head here for an interview with the creators of the project.

Here's Ben Hibon's Codehunters:


iZombie said...

my Zombie likes your post!

Anonymous said...

Uh -- upon waking, I look just as bad, if not WORSE than those zombies. And I'm certain that my morning breath would send most zombies fleeing in the other direction. (no shotgun or macheté required)

Combined, these serve as extremely effective methods of contraception for myself, for no man with his sense of sight or smell would DARE get near me! Forget hormonal, barrier, device, or "pull out n' pray". I've pretty much got a patent on my "Holy Christ, she looks like a zombie!" method. Yup.

Jedi mind tricks work well, too.

Honkbarn said...

Looks like shit, CG is gay.

Anonymous said...

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