Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Mr. Fisher and Mr. Price are putting out a bigfoot toy this summer. It makes its debut at the New York Toy Fair this weekend and when it hits the shelves it's supposedly going to be a c-note. Personally, I do not want one so please, do not waste your money buying me one, but thanks for the offer.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen my little brother Graham's three "Bigfoot" books, sir? I have two younger brothers (Jordan & Graham). Bigfoot is the unofficial third brother. He's even got over 5000 people following him on effing Twitter:

**rolling eyes**

Johnny Darrell said...

I have your brothers books! How cool is that!? Do you know how many people either buy me those books or have told me about them!? Now here you come telling me that the books are written by your cool is that?!

Anonymous said...


Graham's a pretty funny guy, and I'm proud that he's been so successful in his career.

Here's a link to one of his interviews with Jian Ghomeshi, discussing Bigfoot:

FYI: every time I hear our surname pronounced as "Ro-mew", it's like nails on a chalkboard. Though I understand that there are a few variations of it's pronunciation, our France-born great-grandfather pronounced it as "Romeo". However, my bro's taken to pronouncing it as "Ro-mew" over the past several years. (Gah!)

Hi, I'm Kate "ROMEO", and I am not a Francophone!

Not too sure if there shall be more Bigfoot books forthcoming, but Graham's got some other funny stuff published. You'd probably like "101 Ways To Kill Your Boss", too. Ghomeshi had him back on the show last spring to discuss that one, too:

My brother, I might add, is a MUCH more-pleasant man than that arrogant boob, Billy Bob Thornton. However, I'm sure my bro wouldn't be too thrilled by what I posted (boob) on my own site yesterday (and nor would he want to see that picture of his sister) ...

I suspect that under his matted fur, that dear Bigfoot has lovely bangers, too!?

Not too sure if `ham's heading-out west for a visit anytime soon, but if he does, I'll be sure to let you know, and see if I may make some introductions.