Sunday, February 07, 2010


Make sure you start every day off with a good digital eye-gouge by visiting Yvettes! I have now set this page up as my default homepage on my internet channel. Be sure to crank your volume too. If I don't show up at work tomorrow it's because this site won't let me escape its gaze.

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darthkater said...

The fact alone that dear Yvette is a Mark Kay consultant has sold me!

I mean, after all, I'm sure that not only is she highly qualified to hock over-priced, rash-causing products, but she's likely also an A-MA-ZING make-up artist, and can make me look bea-yooo-tiful on my wedding day!

I look forward to the festering rash I shall sport, which she'll masterfully cover with 10 lbs of Mary Kay cosmetics, using tricks she learned at the Stevie Wonder Institute of Cosmotology and Helen Keller Paint By Braille Numbers School of Make-up Artistry! Applied flawlessly to my face, using ... her feet. The overall effect shall be very Monet, no?

Kleinfeld's and Kevyn Aucoin, she ain't!