Tuesday, February 09, 2010


In Oct. of 2007, a photo of a mysterious creature showed up and the creature has been dubbed The Jacob's Creature. There's been a lot of talk on what this is. Many people say it's a juvenile bigfoot while others say it's a bear (myself, a believer in the existence of the creature, included). I've gotten a lot of comments over the years on people's thoughts of this creature and today a guy just sent me this gif, to prove that it's not a bear.

This Youtube video was also added in the comments (love the music at the scientific part).

Dude, take any two pictures that are taken at different times, from different angles, from different cameras, different lighting, different objects, and they'll have...wait for it...different qualities! HOLY SHIT! If anything, you're supporting the fact that it's a bear. Sir or, most likely, dear child, please go to this link to see my take on the issue (dated November 05, 2007). Here's a picture from that entry where I took a side by side picture of the creature and a version with a pasted on bear-head. The entry itself has more images to help clarify the image.

Also, here's another side-by-side comparison of two similar things taken by different cameras, at different times. I've included some guides similar to yours to help show the difference between the two. Click on the image so it's biggerized for better viewing.

If you're interested in the comments, here's the post which garnered the most comments and from which the last commenter commented in the comments.


Anonymous said...

But dude, since it was measured with the same type of camera, setup to the same angle, focused on the same tree to the original picture at the exact same height the measurements are dead on. The only one guessing at the angles is you. They did the same thing with the Kentucky bird on Monster Quest.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the GIF isn't working it doesn't have the same effect without the rest of it.

Anonymous said...


Check this out, the size that's exactly the same as a chimpanzee and a side by side comparison that's almost identical to one raises too many questions in my book.

オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...

He man poses and pasted on bear heads are meaningless. The head looks like it has a sagittal crest to me. I seen clear pictures of this that show it has almost chimp like feet and toes. That gif picture is here:


It just shows more of the efforts by skeptics to make it look like a bear. They don't match up!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but it was a real sasquatch
this time did you watch?

The proportions measured in late 2007 and published in 2008 were very accurate and were not from a bear.

Anonymous said...

It was BIGFOOT he is real