Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Canuck franchise got more than they expected of their new Strength and Conditioning coach and Information/Data Processor/Distributor/Retriever robotic purchase when during last night's game, Pierre 9.3 raised his two animatronic hands and produced a number of claps.

At a press conference this morning in Vancouver, the manufacturer, Ballard Industries media spokesperson Darren Pindarranadahead said, "Pierre 9.3 was not designed for doing such a thing. [We] are all shocked and amazed at the robot's A.I. [We] have a team of technicians in Anaheim right now doing a diagnostics check on [Pierre 9.3] and will be monitoring the situation very closely. We may have to reconsider the "fight Bertuzzi" program that we installed a month ago."

Mr. Pindarranadahead went on to say, "It was originally an "inside joke" but with this most recent unprecedented display, we're afraid that Pierre 9.3 might actually want to punch Bertuzzi right in the face."

A protester voices his (her?) opinion on the controversial fight.

Mr. Pindarranadahead's comment stirred quite a buzz in the press gathering and now it seems that Bertuzzi's agent is considering a pay-per-view special where Bertuzzi and Pierre 9.3 fight it out in the rink. If officials allow the fight to happen, it will be the first time in factual history where a human actually fights a robot.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Here's how I'm getting to work next week. I gotta check with the facilities manager and make sure that there's room for it in the bike lock-up.


No. Wait. This one has room for another passenger (I'd like to do my part for Mother Earth) but ultimately, it was the promo video's insanely cool transitions, wipes, dissolves and killer soundtrack that sold me!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


The kids at Gobelins have created yet another awesome short. Click on the image below for the short.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Zach Galifianakis

I can't stop laughing at the ending of this!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My buddy, John Richardson, AKA Greg Richardson's brother, edited this slick little number on that slick little Weng Weng. Today it got Boing Boinged!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


If you saw last night's record-breaking hockey game between the Canucks and the Stars you may have caught a glimps of Vancouver's latest addition to the management team. On the left is Vice President and Assistant General Manager Steve Tambellini. Joining him is Pierre-9.3, the teams new Strength and Conditioning coach and Information/Data Processor/Distributor / Retriever. Last night's incredibly long game proved that the Canuck's latest purchase of Pierre was worth the $28 million; near the end of the game, everyone; coaches, management, players and fans were tired and/or bored except Pierre-9.3. WELCOME TO VANCOUVER PIERRE-9.3! You bring us home The Cup!

Thanks to Andrew Duncan and his TV Robot for capturing the provided image.


Listen: Kurt Vonnegut died at the age of 84

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


When I was a kid, I LOVED Evel Knievel. I had his toys, I watched his TV specials and crappy movies and dressed up as him for hallowe'en once. I remember watching the Snake River Canyon jump and always wished that he'd appear on a 6 Million Dollar Man episode so they could fight. I thought, Steve Austin's stronger and will kick his ass, but Evel's tough enough to take the beating. Then when Steve wasn't looking, Evel would sneak up behind him with the exhaust pipe from his motorcycle and KABLAMMO! Knock that bionic eye right out of his head. Then I thought, after they fight, they'd become friends and then the two of them would team up and take on a variety of villains. Bigfoots, aliens, Russian spies, and sharks. At the end of every fight it would turn out that all these villains were robots.

My pal Patrick pointed me to this Ebay link today! It's the original X2 Skycycle! The auction's ended with no winner but you can still see what 5 million can get you. Check it out on Ebay!

Friday, April 06, 2007


I've been looking for an egg chair for a long time but they don't come cheap. I think that the next time I happen across a whole wack-o'-loot (tm) I'll go and order myself one from these guys.

I'm really torn up about whether to get the classic Ball Chair or the Egg Chair. Something tells me I have to get the Egg Chair. You should get one too. Oh, and I don't care if you're the King Of The Entire World; if you don't get the ottoman, you're a sucker. A complete down-and-out sucker.

While going through the entire "World Wide Web" (remember, I finished reading the entire web in December last year) I happened across this! Screw the Egg Chair altogether! Hellloooooo Relaxman's RELAXONE!

This thing actually floats on a cushion of air so that your natural body movements cause it to gently "rock and roll." It comes with a built in CD player (how 90's!) with remote and...wait for it........

Are you kidding me? And the thing has ambient mood lighting that you can adjust as well. I'd be in this thing all the time with my lap-top and I'd hook up the iPod to it and I would never come out! It would take an intervention to get me out of there and when I was finally physically pulled out, you'd find me looking something like this guy. Look at this guy! If you don't think he looks relaxed then you need some serious help. I posted the picture side-by-side for some stereoscopic 3D FUN!


Sorry for the re-posting of this post! It's an oldie, but a goodie and the perfect post for this wonderous, most glorious time of the year. Re-enjoy!

(originally posted april 05, 2006)
Here's an Easter picture I did in grade 1 or 2. We were asked to draw the meaning of Easter. Not being much of a religioner or Christ-liker, and not knowing much about that stupid Christian religionism, this is what I came up with:
The spear-holding roman guardy guy in black says "Today is the day when we take jesus down." Then the blue roman guardy guy says "Big deal." This is historically accurate.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kiwi V Ad - Playin the Spoons Game


A Q&A period where Kevin explains what happened to his script. It's about 20 minutes but it's worth every minute.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Finally saw 300 and I was (sorry to say) disappointed. I went into this with HUGE expectations. I loved Zack Snyder's Dawn Of The Dead and the 300 trailer was nothing more than stellar. I'm also huge fan of composer Tyler Bates. The reviews and my friend's gushing must have blown my expectations way out of proportion because I found myself very bored. In fact, there was a couple of moments when I glanced over at my friend John Dryden and found him asleep and I thought to myself "Yeah. I could go there."

It was beautiful in almost every way and I thought Gerard Butler's charisma and screen presence was excellent but I was really looking forward to some great battle scenes. The battle scenes were great but they were too short and there was far too much unnecessary dialogue between the battles in order to drag out a tiny story. I was willing to watch a full half-hour of build up of tension and then dive head-first into 1 full hour of battle because it was so well choreographed and photographed but really this was not the case. I hated the ogre/hunchback and more fantastical creatures (Just because it's in the graphic novel doesn't mean it has to be in the movie does it? If it has to be "faithful" then wouldn't the movie really only be a half-hour? If it has to be "faithful", then there shouldn't be a musical soundtrack.)

Finally, it was over and the closing credits were amazing! I even said "Finally, something worthwhile" to my friend John but he didn't respond because he was still asleep.

Again, beautiful but boooooring. Click on the image below for the credit sequence done by the talented folks at Yu+co.