Monday, January 14, 2008


Okay, when I saw this title I thought "FINALLY! A movie biopic on Herbie Hancock!" Boy was I wrong! The trailer for Hancock couldn't be more opposite. It stars the charismatic Will Smith (The Legend of Bagger Vance) as a slacker super-hero and am I severely disappointed. The special effects for this trailer were sub-par in most cases as was the music. I'm not much of a rap fan to begin with but I imagine if you are a fan of rap, you might like the trailer a bit more than I as it plays a major, and I mean, MAJOR role. I was extremely excited and surprised (SPOILER ALERT) to see Jason Bateman play some friend of Hancock and of course Bateman was "on point". Is Jason Bateman enough to make me want to see the trailer again? I don't know? I don't think so. I've seen the Juno trailer maybe 4 times now and Bateman killed every scene he was in, but it was more than just Bateman that kept me returning to the Juno trailer.

Jason Bateman steals yet another scene in Sony Pictures' trailer for Hancock.

What I did like about the Hancock trailer (SPOILER ALERT) were the impacts whenever Hancock touched back down to Terra Ferma. It seemed as though he was landing at a terrific force which made for great eye-candy and needless destruction of civic property. Could he land more carefully? I don't know, and I don't care! WHOOOOM!

Will Smith as Hancock lands with some 'umph' in Sony Pictures' trailer for Hancock.

One scene in particular bugged the crap out of me (SPOILER ALERT!). Hancock lands in the middle of some freight train tracks and the train collides tremendously against our hero, causing the freight train to derail itself. The thing I hate about this is that the film makers think its cool to take liberties with simple physics!

Will Smith as Hancock prepares for impact in the trailer for Sony Pictures' trailer for Hancock.

Michael Chiklis as The Thing prepares for impact in 20th Century Fox's trailer for Fantastic Four.

Will Smith as Hancock bullshits the viewers in Sony Pictures' trailer for Hancock.

Michael Chiklis as The Thing bullshits the viewers in 20th Century Fox's trailer for Fantastic Four.

I don't care how super-strong you are, if you're going to get hit by something it's going to move you if you're not securely planted or restrained! They did the exact same thing in the Fantastic Four trailer with The Thing stopping a truck. I'm not saying that Hancock or The Thing can't stop these grand forces of nature, but at least have the train or truck push them back a bit. I didn't like it in Fantastic Four trailer so why would I like it in Hancock?

Personally, I wouldn't watch the Hancock trailer again. If it were to pop on a television set while I'm taking in all the fine culture that Muggs & Juggs has to offer, then maybe, just maybe I'd take another gander at the effects and subtle Bateman nuances, but otherwise, you'll find me steering very clear of personally clicking on any link to this trailer ever again and I don't care if I ended this review with a major run-on sentence.


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Hey! Great idea...We should go to Mugs And Jugs when I get back. We can watch TV and on commercial breaks we can stare at boobs and vaginas.

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