Monday, January 21, 2008


"When I was a kid, I loved rugs, but carpeting freaked me out." --Mark Mothersbaugh

In November and December of last year, Mark Mothersbaugh showed off his Rugs During Wartime and Peacetime series at Scion Installation, L.A. in Culver City. You can see some pictures of the opening with Mark mingling with other artistes such as Coop, Shepard Fairey, Jason Lee and more by clicking here! Most of these rugs are fantastic!

Click here for a PDF bible of the series

All of these rugs in the RDW series were constructed one or more at
a time on a computerized weaving machine in the United States. They
are made of nylon fibers with customized coloring to match the original
art. There are some finishing discrepancies between the different
rugs, even within the same design, most notably some are backed
with a waterproof rubber backing and finishing edge that make them
more suitable for outdoor and/or indoor use, whereas others have a
fabric backing that while it could leave them more susceptible to the
elements, may be a more permanent backing material. These rugs also
have a serge border of stitching that is a different look than the black
rubber edge. Some rugs have been constructed with one or the other
backing and border, while a few have been built in both styles. Where
this information is relevant, it is duly noted in text and documentation.
This rug series was conceptualized and constructed starting in 2004,
and are a continuing series.

“Wartime Rugs” available in 2 sizes; 4’ x 6’ and select rugs 22” x 34”

Did you know... A quick and easy booby trap can be constructed using a rug to conceal a hole or pit beneath it. Often times sharpened sticks or dangerous animals can be placed inside the hidden pit, so as to enhance the effectiveness of the trap.

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