Thursday, January 17, 2008


So I just had an After Eight chocolate mint wafer thing and it reminded me of a successful prank I pulled a couple of years back while working at Mainframe.

It was Hallowe'en and Mainframe was having a little Hallowe'en party thing in the cafeteria. People were asked to make teams and then they'd carve theme-pumpkins and the sort. I really never participated. One year however, I a sense.

Prior to the party, I went into the cafeteria with a bag of Mint Oreo (white icing) cookies. I took half of the bag and put them on a plate. I then took the other half and diligently and carefully removed the icing.

TIP: Microwave a couple of cookies for
a few seconds and the chocolate wafer
peels off of the icing much easier.

With the icing properly disposed of (you can choose to either eat it or, as I did, throw it away), I now had some blanks which were then re-iced with a mint toothpaste--I think I used Colgate. The choice is yours.

Then I mixed the "tainted" Oreos in with the real Oreos and put the plate of cookies on the counter with all the other snacks and goodies that the party planners had prepared. I then took a seat on the couch with a buddy and watched.

Why didn't I do the whole plate? Ah, this is where the prank sings. Two guys help themselves to a cookie. By chance, one guy gets a regular cookie and the other gets the tainted one. The "mark" bites into his cookie his face contorts and he politely tries to evacuate the contents of his cookie into a napkin while looking over at his friend who happily munches on his cookie. Priceless. "Does your cookie taste weird? Like toothpaste?" "Huh? What are you on about, mate?" The "mark" sees that there's nothing wrong with his friend's cookie and with all luck, gets another crap-job. Bwa-bwa!! (like the sound of a horn)


BEADLE said...

Brilliant !

your pal,

johndryden23 said...

So the friend is Australian? Hmm. I guess that's funny

Anonymous said...

If everyone is Canadian, you could also substitute American Oreos, which are just gross. The icing is all waxy and sticks to the roof of your mouth. I live in Texas now and have been missing Canadian oreos for years. When I order Canadian ones online and give them to friends here, they like them better.