Friday, January 11, 2008


Check out this navigational heads-up display by a company called Making Virtual Solid. They have some video mock-ups of their product showing how the virtual cable looks. For the night-shot they've just put a black gradient filter over a daytime shot for a cheap day-for-night effect. Don't know why? I'd like to see the real thing in action.

From their site:

Virtual Cable

Our invention, called Virtual Cable is a unique display for a car navigation system. The driver sees the Virtual Cable image through the windshield. It appears as if suspended over the road, similar to a trolley cable. The image is in true 3D and appears to be a natural part of the landscape. The driver uses only peripheral vision to follow the Virtual Cable.

The Virtual Cable is so powerful, intuitive, unambiguous and safe because it appears and behaves with true 3 dimensionality within the landscape.

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