Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Wow! I got a review!

from Raspy’s Trailer Review Reviews:
I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Johnny Darrell’s review of the
trailer for Hancock. It was a pleasure for a number of reasons, not
least of which is I have NEVER EVER reviewed a review of a trailer. Now
I’ve been in the business of reviewing trailer reviews for 12 years,
but no one has ever bothered to review a trailer before. So I was
doubly pleased that the very first trailer review that I got to review
was so excellently put together. I don’t know what pleased me more -
Darrell’s expert dissection of the trailer itself, his scientific
comparisons with Fantastic Four (which I didn’t personally understand
but they sure looked scient-errific with pictures and everything!) or
his obvious yet downplayed attraction to Jason Bateman. I also found
his SPOILER alerts extremely helpful, as I planned on watching the
trailer myself at a later date and was able to avoid reading those
sections. Overall this trailer review has reaffirmed my belief in the
trailer-review-reviewing business and I just might stick at it for a
few more years. Now if only someone would review the trailer for Alvin
and the Chipmunks! (I bet Dave screams “Alllviiinnn!” in there

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johndryden23 said...

Stick to what you know best, Raspy. Directing Barbie cartoons