Wednesday, March 21, 2007


The artist's name is Michael Bennet and you HAVE to check out his website and gallery. It's amazing. He's got so much work that it's mind-blowing. It'll take you hours to go through it all and you'll want to. It's 60's/70's black-light poster art meets Jack Kirby. Some of it looks like the art you might see on the sides of amusement park fun houses/haunted houses or side-show banners; acid-eatin' carny noodle-heads with an airbrush. He does all genres; science-fiction, western, war, super-heroes, classic monsters, tikis, zombies, hot-rods, fantasy. And it's really cheap!! I got mine (see next post) for 20 bucks. Although some stuff is kinda sloppy a lot of it is just stellar! And like I say, there is SO MUCH to look at that there's bound to be something you'll want to order. He claims that each week there'll be 18 new pieces!!! Be sure to read his bio. GO! GO! GO!

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