Saturday, March 03, 2007


I know I'm a tad late on this but I need to get this off my chest. I had 30 of these pictures printed and framed and put on every workstation here at Halfsquatch headquarters and every time I look at one of these I crack a little smile. It's supposedly an action/adventure/comedy about three brothers (you can tell they're brothers -- look at their noses) in Darjeeling who are trying to hunt down a rare albino tiger who may be the reincarnation of their dead father.

First off, this isn't a publicity still but rather a pop-shot photo taken from a tourist who happened to see Adrien Brody on the street and followed him. In doing so he struck gold and found himself face to face to face to face with Adrien, Owen and Jason. He talked to the guys for a bit and took their picture. What's great about this picture? The mysteries within it:

1. I am assuming that the device in Jason's mitts is a playback monitor for the actors but what if it isn't? WHAT IF IT ISN'T!?

2. What happened to Owen's character?

and most importantly:

3. What in god's hoo-ha is in the mystery box? I am going to make two replicas of that box. One to have on my desk and the other to bury in my back yard so that in 10,000 years, when archeology robots unearth it, scientists will fry their circuits trying to figure out what it once held.

I'm not sure when this movie is scheduled for release but I am willing to lay down 1000 clams that the Hallowe'en following its release you'll be seeing many different sets of these brothers walking around. For more information go here.

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