Sunday, March 25, 2007


Here's a snap of one of my most recent art purchases. It's by graffiti artist Bigfoot.

I picked it up at the Ayden Gallery in the Tinseltown mall. It's 18"x 24" on wood panel and it looks great! I've been wanting a Bigfoot original (this is silkscreen on wood--not quite "original" but whatever) for a long time and was surprised to see that this was still for sale--SOLD!!! As soon as I have some spare bucks kickin' about I'll finally get this print of his framed too.

I picked this up a little while ago. It's a bunch of nazis trying to take down a yeti. Come on guys, grow up! You won't win this war either! The artist is Michael Bennett (see previous post).

These two prints are by Tim Biskup and below is my favouite yeti picture of all time. It's an original Kai Todd-Darrell.

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