Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I overheard my friend Jake and some other work cohorts guffawing away today at something on their computerized machines so I did some super Halfsquatch investigating. What I found may actually alarm you:

So I guess Windows Vista put a bunch of clams into the creation of this website for comedian Demetri Martin. The homepage contains an animated monologue of various comedic bits that's well worth listening to. The site contains a short film that's broken up into 6 acts (approx. 6 minutes each?) that are quite well written and well done. A little Napolean Dynomite, a little Wes Anderson. Demitri himself is like a reserved, subtle and Greek Dane Cook. The artwork used in both the website and the films is done by Michael Gillette.

There's Windows Vista plugs and sponsorship throughout each little film but they're not "in your face" or driving the story at all. I think the third film "Electric Brain" is my favourite.


Anonymous said...

Demetri Martin is not Jewish; he's Greek.

Johnny Darrell said...

But he's Jew-ish though. Me? I'm full on ass-ish. Thanks for the clarification.