Monday, July 30, 2007


Stopped into Hope, BC today on my way home from camping and spotted this great mural! It's bigfoots having a gay old time!

This snooker match is the silliest billiard thing ever! The breaker has scratched as his ball goes flying up, Up, UP! and OVER the table while at the EXACT same time a run-away bowling ball (5 pin) has found its way UNDER the table!

The 7 rules to Bigfoot Bowling:
1: No shoes on bowling lanes
2: ONE ball at a time
3: NO dancing on the tables!
5: No footsie
4: No Leg Wresling
7: No Diving.

This seems to be a nice first date. The female (the one with a flower in her hair,
is eating some kind of cream cheese burger with chips
(crisps as my friends across the pond would say)
while drinking a crantini. The male bigfoot is
enjoying what seems to be a mug of something
while watching the Bigfoot "Wresling" on the TV.
I wonder what inspired the artist to paint "Washroom out of order"
sign on this mural? Is this some kind of Da Vinci code?

Round 10! This fight could go on forever! I wonder if it's in Las Vegas.

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Heisenberg said...

Re: The billiards game. The flying cue ball could encounter a nocturnal lepidopteran and become a legal shot by going "in off the moth." Happened to me, I swear.