Sunday, July 22, 2007


I remember as a kid how there was this boxer named Muhammad Ali and all I knew was that he was the best! Another one of those larger-than-life kind of super-hero types. I remember that there was going to be a fight between Ali and some "crazy" guy named Spinks. "What kind of man wants to get in a fight with Muhammad Ali? A crazy guy with no teeth, that's who!"

"Spingth." That's because I have a lisp so whenever I said "Spinks" I said "Spingth." "Mahammad" with an "A" isn't bad for a small kid, and I guess "Olly" makes senth.

So Mahammad Olly says "Put em up sucka" and then Spingth says "Ya I'll put em up." Then all of a sudden Mahammad Olly is spewin' some classic Vinnie Bobarino in "Welcome Back Kotter" by saying "Give me drugs give me drugs." and finally Spingth says "Hear I have a bottle of drugs." It's really hard to believe that Spinks won this fight when you can clearly see that Muhammad has a longer reach and better mitts. Spinks should be trippin' about with those giant feet of his. I think I actually captured Spinks' likeness:


Clan Mussellam said...

Mr Darrell, I find you guilty.

Guilty of being the cleverest boy alive!

I love all of your childhood art. You Sir were a genius!


Heisenberg said...

Blows the lid off the whole nutless wonderness of drugs in sport! Surprised you didn't win the Pulit-ther prize, thir!