Friday, July 06, 2007


There's a club for people who love to shoulder ride and it's based here in Vancouver. I love this club. It was the inspiration for a magazine cover in one of my 2003 MTV Movie Awards animated clips.
According to their website:

This is a casual social club with a unique concept. It stems from discovering that a number of women refuse to go to many events because they can't see a thing and they get crushed by the crowd. They would love to attend the event but can't have fun when they can't see anything. We also discovered that a number of men are still chivalrous and more than willing to help the ladies get a better view from their shoulders. So why not get the two sides together and create a win-win for both parties. That's the fundamental reason this club was formed. It's a chance for people to attend events and have a really good time. It's all about making new friends and having fun with no strings attached. We do a lot of other activities that don't involve shoulder riding such as salsa dancing, movies, hiking, anything the members want to do. But when there's a big crowd and the ladies can't see, the guys are there to help out.

Salsa dancing without the shoulder riding?!? What are they thinking? That's like Gilligan's Island without the Gilligan!!!

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Anonymous said...

The ladies are facing the wrong way in that picture. Most of the time the women would drag you to shows like Ani Difranco or Jan Arden, in which case the best view would be the ladies mitt.