Sunday, March 02, 2008


A while ago, John Dryden took this picture of a bumper sticker which read "I Love Vallarta" and he was ranting about how mad he was about it. I can't recall what made him so mad about this bumper sticker in particular but boy was he ever choked. I photoshopped up his picture and sent it back to him (see picture below). John, perhaps you could elaborate (see comments for John's elaboration).

Hey, while we're on about John Dryden and bumper stickers, here's a little story. A while ago, John and I went out for lunch and we were driving around looking for a parking spot in downtown Van. at lunch hour. Frustrating. Then he suddenly thought he found one. He tried parking but no, one of the cars had parked like a jackass and we couldn't fit. John had had enough. He said "Hey, reach under your seat and hand me one of those." I reached under and found a bumper sticker which read "I park like an asshole." He grabbed it out of my hands and stormed off, applied the bumper sticker to the car and off we went.

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johndryden23 said...

I'll tell you what my goddamn problem was with that fuckin' bumper sticker! First of all; The place is called Puerto Vallarta... Not Vallarta. Next; it's a super douchey place. Old ladies and Sammy Haggar. Then; there she is, in Puerto Vallarta, hanging out with my Mom or Sammy Haggar, and she sees the' I heart Vallarta' bumper sticker ... and she buys it? She packs it all up next to her stupid clothes and takes it home to fucking Burnaby so she can display it on the rear window of her Fiero. The only thing that could be worse is if she asked her friend to pick it up and bring it back! I fucking hate bumper stickers so much. To the max! Except for the ones that I have that say " I park like an asshole" but those are mean and are meant for stupid cunts. I guess that's what bumper stickers are for; They say to the world, "I'm a Stupid Cunt!"