Thursday, March 06, 2008


I updated it because of a great suggestion from Ken Henderson who said that all it needed was some kind of treatment that would make some element appear like it was 3D. I took the pentagram and lightning bolt and gave it an amazing inner-bevel effect which really brings my logo into the future. Great idea Ken. Now I really can't wait until this thing is actually on everyone's sneakers.

Here's John Dryden's well received rendering of my logo. According to Dryden, "If you look at it closely, you will plainly see that it is THE ULTIMATE LOGO." He's right. I have designed an incredible logo. John made it better because it has my favourite hockey team's logo incorporated into it as well as he's gone above and beyond the line of duty to take it upon himself to change the sickle thing that's all chrome and sharp to a ninja star which, according to Dryden, is "pretty goddamn radical. I'd rather be dead than red!" He also states "This fucking logo god damn rules." Oh, I know Dryden, I know. I've booked a session at Vinnie's Tattoo Parlour on Sunday to have it etched into my neck.


Ash said...

I'll keep on topic with this post, this logo looks like total radness bra-nage! I think you should be happy to get something for free considering the fact that you don't have the talent to create anything half as good... fuckface.

On a side note... I didn't even make the top ten on that shitty mytoons bumper. Fucking hell, I put at least 3 days of work into that whore and came in last place. Goddamned Horsefuck bullshit! Your witnessing harsh raw emotion (on 2 black russians and 2 beer) in written form right now. I'm off to drink scotch and play ping-pong on a folded table by myself. FUCKING CROCK OF HORSEBULL SHITFUCK!!!

SHit, that felt great. You should have a post open to drunks that need to vent. Probably on a Sat/Sun night because that's when people drink all night and end up coming home looking at porn all frustrated because there's nothing crazy enough to spark a rod so they end up logging onto forums and raging on people for no reason because they're drunk and horny but can't get a rod. Yeah. Do it.

Just kidding, totally sober right now and not really that mad about the whole mytoons thing. All the best to your wife and children.

Love Todd

Honkbarn said...

Jesus Christ, just so you know that last message was from Me, Todd. Just in case you thought my wife was harsh like that. I forgot to log off her log in. Seriously, you must think I'm a total loser. OMG LOL ROFL!!! :)

johndryden23 said...

I tried to use that big number 1 instead of the circle and it sucks so you are stuck with this. Suck it.

Anonymous said...

I love it I just wish it had some gratuitous beveling / extruding or other hack 3D elements in it. THEN it would really start to sing.

From there... the animation and sound FX will make this fucker world class.


johndryden23 said...

Great idea , Ken. Here is another idea: Why don't you design your own shit? Quit taking credit for something you never did. if you want to make anything 3D, what about the throwing star. you both are assholes.

johndryden23 said...

I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I've been under a lot of stress lately.