Thursday, March 20, 2008


I love my Moleskine notebooks (though I admit to not using one in a while) but having a personalized cover would make it better. The people at Engrave can do just that. Just upload an image of your own and they'll laser etch it onto your own Moleskine. They suggest using an image that would look good as a b&w xerox copy.

It'll cost you about 30 rocks for the first book and if you order more, it's about 5 clams per book more and another fin if you want something on the spine. Add 12 bones for shipping to Canada. So it'll cost you much more than the book itself but man you'd look smart.

Oh and one other thing. You can submit your own designs as well to Engrave and if they like them, they'll post them up on their site. If anyone decides they want your design on their Moleskine, Engrave will give you a cut of the dough. I don't know why anyone would rather choose someone else's design instead of creating one themself but I guess that's the same as choosing a tattoo from a tattoo parlour's wall.

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