Friday, March 28, 2008


Nelvana and Discovery Channel's Flash/Toonboom series Grossology is pretty slick looking. My 6-year old son thinks it's pretty awesome. Based on a book series by the same name and then the Disovery Channel's live and interactive science exhibit.

The book

The exhibit

In the series, siblings Ty and Abby work for The Department of Grossology, a top-secret organization that solves gross mysteries based on real scientific fact. The two might go up against some sort of mucus monster or poo creature. There's snot and slime and maggots and vomit throughout the series. The stuff that fascinates a kid. For me, it's the art direction and the show's opening credits were pretty nice, taking a Saul Bass approach.

The show

They've just revamped the opening credits however and pushed the art direction and style even more and it's REALLY REALLY sweet. Very Saul Bass meets The Incredibles' end credits.

I've scoured the webbernet to find the new opening credits and have had no luck finding them but here's the animatic for the new opening.


rich said...

score! My wife has been looking for photos on the net for the exhibit. She did the enviro design for this and its been tough getting pics of it. This is awesome!

rich said...

ah crud. I'm wrong. It was "gallery of the gross" not this. Oops. nEway The new opener looks so cool! Cool show.