Sunday, March 23, 2008


It seems like the interior of British Columbia is THE PLACE to be! First we got Fred & Sharon's Video Movie productions going on and now a giant bronze sculpture of sasquatch has been erected on the side of the highway between Osoyoos and Rock Creek. My pals Todd "HONKBARN" Ramsay and Ashley happened to see it and got this remarkably clear picture.

I love how lousy the sculpture is and it'll look even lousier when it corrodes to green. It appears that the "artist" has gone with the typical and over-used "Patty" pose. He/she couldn't even fathom to think of something else. Just look at the terrible proportions on the creature (and on Todd as well). Its thigh looks like it got hit by a truck. I guess the one cool thing about it is that despite its weird proportions it's (roughly) life-sized.


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BEADLE said...

That dog knows something that we don't !

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