Thursday, March 20, 2008


I used to like Iron Maiden and I still like some of their classics. The band's front man, Bruce Dickenson was great!
Bruce being great!

I kinda fell out of touch with the band after high school and never listened to anything Bruce did solo wise, so I don't really know how their new stuff is.

They are however on a world tour. Of course, a band like Iron Maiden can only tour the world one way...


The full-sized 757 was converted into a passenger/cargo jet for $50,000 and comes complete with a fireplace, three master bedroom suites with vibrating beds, a wall of Marshall amps, a number of "stewardesses," a “Satan is my co-pilot” bumper sticker and of course their own pilot.
Check out the pilot giving the "horns." Oh...wait...check out the's Bruce Dickenson!

The front man is a commerical airline pilot! Wait there's more! There's a couple of Maiden concerts in July & August and the best way to see them is to travel to the concert with Maiden and Capt. Dickenson on Ed Force 1.

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