Saturday, March 29, 2008


Thanks Big Andy!

I'd love to see this little fella untethered at a race track! In fact, can you imagine if there were ramps too? And pyrotechnics? And laser sharks? Hell screw all that! Just mount two cameras to the bike; one facing forwards and another on the monkey's face and then have him zip off down a highway weaving through traffic. HOLY GOD...does anyone know where I can get a monkey?

A sloth would be ironically comical too but you'd have to duct tape the hands to the bars with the throttle cranked and then let it go and hope for the best. Sloths aren't known for steering anything very well.


Ferraro said...

At first I thought this was awesome, but then it got ruined:

That's not a motorcycle with an engine. Notice the monkey has a chain around his neck--when the thing takes off super fast, it's that guy on the curb fuckin YANKING on it, whipping the thing up and down the road Gaaaaaaakkk.

Anonymous said...

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