Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Yesterday when I arrived to work I saw a Canada Post truck outside and I thought "Hmmmm...I wonder if that painting I ordered arrived! I got in and YES! There was a huge box with my name on it! Here's the painting! It's called Senor T and it's by Steven Murphy.

As you can clearly see, it's Mr. T
and he's a god damn snake.

I ordered it through this sweet little boutique/gallery in Portland called Moshi Moshi which sells funky collectibles and Japanese thingamabugs as well as art. Recently they had an art-show / fund-raiser for a bunch of 5th graders. Check out a Flickr set of the show!

If that weren't enough, today I got home from work and there was a package sitting in my mail box!

I have no idea what cabbage pants are. Or wing-wangs.

Inside was the hard-cover The Goon Fancy Pants Edition #2 which is severely autographed by Eric Powell himself.

Me: Severely satisfied with The Goon's arrival.


BEADLE said...

2 packages in 1 day !?!?! You're the luckiest man alive ! Did you buy a lotto ticket ?

your pal,

Johnny Darrell said...

luck? Oh, Beadle. My life is a carefully crafted web that i've been weaving. Everything I've ever done in my entire life was crafted and designed so that this day would happen.

Shai said...

what!?! powell signing where? when did this happen?

johnny, i have tunes for you.