Thursday, April 24, 2008


My friend, John Dryden commissioned your pal Beadle to do a Sid & Nancy painting. John and his girlfriend Kayt went as Sid & Nancy for Hallowe'en last year. When John had put his costume on he phoned me in tears laughing at how terrible he looked as Sid. He writes:

I couldn't bring myself to wear a swastika on my shirt. I made one,
but I couldn't wear it. I'm not a Jew, but I'm Jew-ish. For the life
of me, I couldn't find a decent "Punk Rocker" wig. It was actually
ridiculous. They had every single walk of life represented in wigs,
except "Punk-Rocker". There was something that sort of looked like
Ziggy Stardust era David Bowie. It made me think of a circa 1980's
science fiction movie prostitute. Totally gay. They even had a "1930's
Millionaire Railroad Tycoon" wig, but nothing even remotely resembling
Sid Vicious's hairdo. I went with an "Austin Powers Shag" wig. I wet
it and put gel in there. An hour or two later, it went back to normal
and I looked like Sid Vicious had he joined the band Blur. Fucking
disappointing. Kayt looked rad, but what the fuck else is new? She
must have told everyone that night, "FUCK YOU!" She was really in

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