Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Years ago, Craig McEwen and I made our first music video for a local band. Our budget I think was about 850 clams. We shot it on super-8, some 16mm (give or take a millimeter) and some video. Our editing equipment was the Newtek Video Toaster. At the time, we were just happy to be able to edit video via a computer (still linear mind you as finding an Avid was kinda difficult and/or expensive). We used to laugh, even then, at how cheesy some of the effects and transitions were and vowed to one day be the first people to ever use a Kiki Wipe and receive praise on how well it worked. To this day, no one has yet used a Kiki Wipe without jeers so Craig and I are still hopeful. I wish we had a copy of the music video but it's sadly misplaced somewhere along with a bunch of porn rags. Have a look at the raw power of THE TOASTER.

Check out the Kiki wipes on this video!

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Kmuzu said...

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