Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The first of the killer Sentinels?

Here's the Festo company site. I've translated it(through Google Translate):

Air is the element of AirJelly. The remote jellyfish AirJelly not swim through water as Aqua Jelly, but glides formally thanks to its central electric drive and an intelligent, adaptive mechanism by the sea air. Because AirJelly consists of a helium-filled Ballonett.

As the only energy source AirJelly two lithium-ion polymer battery to which the central electric motor is connected. This will transfer the power to a bevel gear, and then successively to eight front wheels, cranks of the eight tentacles of jellyfish. Each tentacle is a structure with the Ray Fin Effectpackage ® trained. The drive a balloon through a peristaltische movement is now in aviation history is not known. AirJelly is the first indoor flying object with peristaltischem drive. The jellyfish moves thanks to this new drive concept, its recoil on the principle of drive-based, gently through the air.

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