Tuesday, May 20, 2008


They shot most of the upcoming Zach Snyder flick "The Watchmen" just down the road from where I live. It's completely a wrap and I finally "snuck" as close as I could to the lot to snap some pics. Not great pictures and not terribly interesting but whatev, it's better than nuffin'.

I finally got around to reading the Alan Moore comic recently as well and liked it very much but the whole time I kept asking myself "How on Earth are they going to make this into a movie?" The Watchmen is definitely a great story, rich with detail and cleverly woven story threads.

Comic/Movie spoiler alert!
My major one gripe about the graphic novel is this: There are so many characters in the comic and the world is so richly detailed with background characters and themes that it would have been easy to remove some of these lesser important characters and replace their thread with a thread that focused on a certain psychic. After all that the story takes us through, the ending could have been much more powerful if we had some connection to the psychic whose brain pretty much destroys New York.

Answer: I watches the Watchman when it comes out.

I want one of these purple "Girls" posters.

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