Thursday, May 29, 2008


A guy at work had a flag up on the wall and I inquired about it. He told me that this was the USA's original flag. This isn't entirely accurate, but it definitely did represent America in its infancy. It was inspired by Benjamin Franklin who drew a political cartoon (some say the first) of a snake severed in 8 pieces. Each piece represented a different state with the motto "Join or Die." A superstition at the time was that if you severed a snake in pieces and put the pieces back together before sunset, the snake would live.

I think that's a pretty good use of symbolism (though if I were South Carolina I'd be a bit upset). So the above image is technically the inspiration for the Gadsden flag which was basically telling the British monarchy to fuck off or get bit. Many people love the Gadsden flag and the use of a rattlesnake to represent America. The rattlesnake never bites unless it's tread upon. It gives fair warning that it will strike if messed with (this of course doesn't apply to the current USA who have decided to remove its rattle so-to-speak), and it's bite is lethal. When I see the Gadsden flag I immediately associate it with the image below and somehow it seems to fit the current state Bush, Cheney and their twat-bagged buddies have put America in. Just a few more months!

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