Friday, May 23, 2008


If you haven't had the pleasure of heading over to (that's right, I respect the full integrity of the http://www. bit of a web address) yet then I highly recommend that you do.

Scott is one of the pioneers of CGI animation and by pioneer, I mean both literally and figuratively. I've had the pleasure of working with the Ball Cheese for a number of years and every day, I'd discover something new and interesting about #63 himself, Spare Change. He subscribed to a magazine called Beaver (not the kind of mag you're thinking of) kept a leg-hold trap on his desk and bragged about eating raccoon stew whenever he had a chance.

Scott's website is amazing and it has a ton to offer, including a whole shit-load of quotes from the mustached man himself. Here's a quote that's not listed: I once asked my animation crew if anyone had ever gone on a rampage and when I asked Scott, his reply was forthright and chilling--"Nope! But I wanna!" (2004)


Jbrown said...

I spent 7 months in a room with Mr. Baltjes when I first embarked on my animation career and I learned a great deal about the menonite community, roasting racoons (you have to slow-roast city racoons for a least 20 hours to get all the toxins out!) bear traps, pigeon catching techniques and that it's ok to curse at your computer, hit the screen and call it a dirty cunt whore when an animation scene isn't going your way. I miss ol' Sharkteeth... One time as a going away present for him, the always-excellent MahWhy and myself bought him a beltbuckle that said "Coon Hunter" and it had engravings of racoons on the front and a story of a legendary fur trapper from up north.

I hope he's doing well.

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