Thursday, May 08, 2008


Okay there's a new group in town and we're called The Stabbers. It currently consists of John Dryden on drums and me on guitar and vocals. We had our first jam session last night at my place and it was just horrible.

Here was the simple game-plan:
6:00--John picks me up from work with all the gear.
6:40--Get to my place (my wife and kids were out of town for the past few nights so we had the place to ourselves)
7:00--set up drum kit, plug in the guitar and play loud 'til 11:00
11:00--switch over to headphones for late-night groovy times

Here was what happened:
6:20--Meet John at a pub
7:00--Realize I don't have a pick so I walk down commercial bugging buskers offering to buy their picks
7:20--Go to John's to pick up some things he forgot (Popeye pajamas)
8:00--Get to my place, set up drum kit, plug in guitar

The brand new drum kit works like a
beautifully crafted German switchblade.

8:30--The rented distortion peddle's AC adapter doesn't work. Scrounge around house trying various AC adapters from other electronic devices. Nothing works.
9:00--Go to London Drugs to buy adapter.
9:30--Get back to my place. I've lost my key.
9:45--Go back to London Drugs and find key.

My voice is as dull as a butter-knife.
My guitar skills as irritating as being
shivved with a blunt-nosed bread-knife.

10:10--My wife calls saying that she and the boys are coming home now. We jam for 10 minutes, royally suck and figure that the Gods are against us this evening and we call it a night.

"What a fuckin' drag. I wish I was dead. Stick a fork
in me, I'm done. Get'er done, I'm through givin'er."

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