Friday, February 22, 2008


A little while back I went to Richmond on an errand with my '68 Ranchero. I know, I know, why on Earth would ANYONE go to Richmond, BC. Well, it was a Craigslist thingy. I picked up what I went to get and as I got into my car I thought, "Jesus 'cock'n'ballz' Christ, I really should wear my seat belt's shoulder strap. This is Richmond for ass sake! If anything can go wrong in a day, it'll happen here in Richmond." I didn't normally take to wearing the shoulder-strap but it was a good hunch indeed because while sitting at an intersection, waiting for the light to turn green, and WHAM!!!!! I got rear-ended! What the hell!?!?

So the tail-gate of my Ranchero was all buggered and so was my passenger-side brake/indicator lighting and the bumper was crumpled up like Dog the bounty hunter's face. In other words a complete disaster.

Seeing as there was no way I was responsible, I got ICBC to cover all costs and after looking about for a body shop for weeks, I went with 24 HR. Collision Center. My first reason for going with these guys after seeing their website was because unlike every other shop, they actually responded to my email unlike the other 200 places I contacted.

So basically, long-story short, they took my car's ass from looking like this:

and made it look like this:

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Honkbarn said...

Your cars got a sweet shitter!