Thursday, February 14, 2008


There's a new chair on the market designed by Lund and Paarmann called the Lobster Chair and it looks pretty smashing.

I'm a sucker for nice chairs for some reason. I was "this close" to buying a ball chair this weekend but I held off to take some measurements first to see if it would actually get up my staircase.

Sadly, my staircase is 1" too narrow and the ball chair will not fit. I still might get it though and just hope my staircase magically widens itself for the chair. I've been eying The Eames lounger now for about an eon and everytime I see it I want it.

I am also in need of a good egg chair so if you're tossing yours out, I'll take it.


johndryden23 said...

Could that ball chair fit through a window upstairs? COULD THE BALL CHAIR FIT THROUGH A WINDOW UPSTAIRS? I SAID! Because if it could, we could rig up a cantalevered pulley system, and haul that fucker right on up there. Wouldn't that be something? We could haul up the ball chair and drink whiskey.

Johnny Darrell said...

Nope. It's a dashing and smashing idea, but nope. The skylights are too small. AARRGH you make me so angry. I am, however, looking into building a little deck up there and if that's the case,then the door that gets installed will be wide enough for the fugger to fit through. Major renovation for a ball chair. Excessive perhaps? Indeed. Worth it though. Yeah...that's what I'm going to do.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

I'm writing you from Portugal, about the lobster chair

I got crushed by the chair, but i can't find the price, do you have any notion about it?


Johnny Darrell said...

YOU GOT CRUSHED!? I hope you're okay! HA ha. I have a crush on that chair too but sadly, I don't have really any information on how much it is. It's available in Norway, Sweden and Denmark I think.

Johnny Darrell said...

i just got a quote from the designer/manufacturer and the lobster chair will run you about 4000 Euro (6400 Canadian).

long time first time said...

I also fell in love with this chair. I just called the only US retailer listed... Scan Design in Florida. Current price is roughly $5000 USD.
Has anyone sat in this chair yet?

Ball chairs said...

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Jan said...

Hi All,
The lobster has a firm comfort and the price is around 3650€ in Belgium.

Anonymous said...

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