Tuesday, February 19, 2008


If there's one thing I hate it's mosquitoes. They are the bane of my existence. My mortal enemy. I hate them and they hate me and we'll never see eye to eye--EVER. I also hate mosquito repellent oils and "Off" and the chemically smell of those citrus candles so what can I do? Carry one of these lil' fuggers around!

The MC3 is a key-chain-sized little transmitter that emits the ultrasonic sound frequency of the beating wings of a dragonfly; the female mosquito's worst enemy.

10 years ago, on a radio program, some dude was yammerin' on and on about how he's invented a pager-sized mosquito repellent and I've been looking for them since. Well here they are but the company won't ship outside of the fuggin' States and Googlin' 'bout the interiorwebnet for alternative dot-shoppes is proving a difficult task. COME ON!


Ferraro said...

Ship to one of those "we are just an address in the states" places just over the border and then go pick it up.
Point Roberts:

Sumas Washington (I know lots of people that use this one all the time):

Johnny Darrell said...

But that means having to go into the States!

Ferraro said...

Yeah, going to the States for a 20 dollar keychain seems like insanity.

They can't fedex it? Maybe one of those mailbox places will remail?

Or if you really really want one you could ship it to that place in Sumas and my mom could pick it up when she's going to get something else anyway. And then you can wait a month for me to get around to visit and pick it up, and then I can give it to Monkey or drop it at Nerdcorps or something.

gambler said...

Want me to send you one in the mail, ballsucker?

Johnny Darrell said...


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