Monday, February 25, 2008


OKAY! The Hatchet here!!! This week I'm calling it HATCHSQUATCH!!! Actally Johnny came up with that one and its really true. Look at the bannar I made at the top! I used a porgram called Gimp to do it in because my photoshop's a peice of shit right now but it still looks totally wicked.

Here's my favorit band in the entire world: MANOWAR!

Guitarist David Shankle says it all in part three of the video's below: "We are not hear to jam. We are not hear to rock, we are hear to KICK FUCKING ASS and to kick everything to the max, take no shit, leave no grounds, don't back up, drive on forwards, kick fuckin ass! its the kind of experience we want to lift the fucking roof off the building. If the place blows up and we all die on stage, so be it! What better death can anybody have? Metal is it! Metal is blood! Metal is life. It's the type of thing where if you don't strap your fucking nuts to your leg there gonna get blown off."

Its fucking true too. Their's metal and then their's MANOWAR. If your not into them its because you don't even know! Watch these movies of them and if you arent not a fan by the end then you are an reject and YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!!

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