Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The fringe news agencies are finally reporting on cables being cut in the middle east but they're only listing about 4 or 5 with no possible explanation. Here's my theory:

*a "certain country" cuts the cables blocking and preventing all information and intelligence.
*this "certain country" then stages a devastating "accident" or "attack" and pulls a false flag act.
*no one knows the real scoop on the "accident" due to limited information
*victims of the "accident" report that they couldn't prepare properly due to lack of defensive intelligence
*"certain country" uses this "accident" as an invisible fascist card to employ heavier control over its own internet/communications...

"SEE! If they only had information available this could have been prevented. We can't have this happen here or we're screwed!!! We need to monitor and have access to everyone's computers at all times!"

Again...something BIG is going to happen...

more info on this here!

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