Saturday, February 09, 2008


When I worked at Mainframe I was a mere 4 blocks away from this awesome record store and at least 3 times a week my lunch break consisted of visiting Zulu and sampling various tunes. So now that I'm no longer living nor working in the 4th Ave. part of town, I find myself visiting Zulu about...hmmmm...twice a year? I gotta say, I've saved a lot of money but my "keepin' on top'o things" has suffered. So every once in a while I'd hit the olde fashioned Zulu Records website to see what's the buzz and LO! Today I find myself staring at something new! They've finally gone ahead and reimagined their website! It includes, videos, mp3s, blogs (whatever the hell that is?) and it seems like their reviews are less cryptic and more straight-to-the-point which rocks because I HATE!!! their reviews:

The Plymouth Rock - Board of Confusion
"My radio says it's time to turn itself on and say yeah to the rainy drizzle that causes my candles in the window to fitz and flutter and that's fine with me because when it's time to get ready for work and the boss calls to say "Hey don't bother coming in, you're fired" so I just lay back in my cozy sheets and, open up Denauber's latest book and get through 8 chapters. Are you in?"

Here's their new website!!

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